Konda Pindi Churnam Pack: A Holistic Solution for Urinary Tract and Kidney Health

Konda Pindi Churnam Pack: A Holistic Solution for Urinary Tract and Kidney Health

Introduction: Happy Herbals proudly presents the Konda Pindi Churnam Pack, a comprehensive herbal remedy designed to address urinary tract and kidney-related issues naturally. Derived from the potent Indian herb known as Pashanbhed or Konda Pindi, this pack offers a holistic solution for managing kidney stones, urinary problems, diabetes, piles, and wound healing. With its unique properties and proven efficacy, the Konda Pindi Churnam Pack provides relief from discomfort and promotes optimal urinary and kidney health.

Description: The Konda Pindi Churnam Pack from Happy Herbals harnesses the therapeutic power of Pashanbhed, specifically its rhizome, which is rich in medicinal properties. Pashanbhed has been traditionally used for its antilithic, diuretic, antipyretic, anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, and laxative properties. These properties make it an ideal choice for managing a range of urinary and kidney-related issues, offering relief from pain and discomfort while promoting overall well-being.


  1. Urolithiasis Management: The Konda Pindi Churnam Pack aids in the management of urolithiasis or kidney stones by preventing their formation and facilitating their elimination. Its diuretic properties increase urine production, helping flush out existing stones and preventing their recurrence.

  2. Relief from Dysuria: Dysuria, characterized by painful or difficult urination, can be alleviated with the help of this pack. Pashanbhed's diuretic and tridosha balancing properties provide relief from painful urination and address the underlying causes of urinary tract infections.

  3. Diabetes Management: The pack assists in managing diabetes by regulating blood sugar levels and improving insulin function. Pashanbhed's bitter properties and Vata-Kapha balancing effects help balance glucose levels and alleviate the symptoms of diabetes.

  4. Piles Alleviation: Piles, or hemorrhoids, can be relieved with the Konda Pindi Churnam Pack. Its laxative properties aid in digestion and relieve constipation, while its cooling effect provides comfort to the affected area.

  5. Wound Healing: The pack facilitates wound healing, thanks to Pashanbhed's Vata-Pitta balancing, astringent, and cold properties. It promotes the healing of wounds, cuts, burns, and boils, soothing inflammation and reducing pain.


  • Konda Pindi Churnam Powder: Take approximately 2 spoons of Konda Pindi Churnam powder and swallow it with warm water twice a day, or as directed by a healthcare professional.

  • Konda Pindi Churnam Decoction: Boil about 20-30 grams of Konda Pindi Churnam powder in 2 cups of water until the volume reduces by half. Use this decoction as directed by a physician to manage urinary problems like urolithiasis or dysuria.

Conclusion: Embrace the healing properties of Konda Pindi Churnam Pack from Happy Herbals and experience improved urinary and kidney health naturally. Trust Happy Herbals for the finest herbal products, crafted with care and dedication to your well-being. Choose the Konda Pindi Churnam Pack for comprehensive support in maintaining urinary and kidney health, and say goodbye to discomfort with the power of nature.

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