Happy Herbals Smooth Herbal Baby Bath Powder - Nourishing Delight for Your Little Ones

Happy Herbals Smooth Herbal Baby Bath Powder - Nourishing Delight for Your Little Ones

Introduction: Happy Herbals presents its Smooth Herbal Bath Powder, a gentle and nourishing blend of natural ingredients designed specifically for children's skin care. Crafted with a combination of Sukumara Pushpa, Gulabhi Pushpa, Manjista, Daaru Haridra, Chandanan, Thungamjustalu, Moduga Puvvu, Pogada Poolu, Tangedu Poolu, and Vepa Puvvu, this unique bath powder provides a smooth and nurturing bathing experience for children aged 6 months to 5 years. This article highlights the benefits of Happy Herbals Smooth Herbal Bath Powder and provides instructions for its usage.

Ingredients: Happy Herbals Smooth Herbal Bath Powder is meticulously formulated with the following ingredients:

  • Sukumara Pushpa: Promotes healthy and smooth skin.
  • Gulabhi Pushpa (Rose Petals): Adds a soothing and fragrant touch while enhancing skin beauty.
  • Manjista: Helps improve skin complexion and radiance.
  • Daaru Haridra: Known for its antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory properties, it supports skin health.
  • Chandanan: Provides a cooling effect to the skin and helps maintain its natural balance.
  • Thungamjustalu: Nourishes and revitalizes the skin, promoting a healthy glow.
  • Moduga Puvvu: Enhances skin nourishment and softness.
  • Pogada Poolu: Known for its moisturizing properties, it helps keep the skin hydrated.
  • Tangedu Poolu: Promotes skin health and acts as a natural cleanser.
  • Vepa Puvvu: Offers soothing and calming effects to the skin.


  1. Gentle Care: Happy Herbals Smooth Herbal Bath Powder is designed to provide gentle care for children's delicate skin. Its natural ingredients ensure a mild and nourishing bathing experience.

  2. Skin Health: The herbal blend works to improve skin complexion, promote skin nourishment, and enhance the skin's natural glow.

  3. Suitable for All: This bath powder is suitable for both boys and girls, making it a versatile choice for children's skin care.

How to Use:

  1. Preparation: Take a small amount of Happy Herbals Smooth Herbal Bath Powder in a clean bowl.

  2. Mixing: Add a sufficient amount of hot water to the powder and mix well to create a liquid paste.

  3. Application: Apply the liquid paste gently onto your child's body and massage it in circular motions for 1-2 minutes, ensuring complete coverage.

  4. Bathing: Allow the paste to stay on the skin for a few minutes to maximize the benefits of the herbal blend. Then, rinse it off thoroughly with warm water.

  5. Usage Frequency: Use Happy Herbals Smooth Herbal Bath Powder during your child's bath time, ideally once a day or as needed, to maintain healthy and nourished skin.

Note: Conduct a patch test before initial use to check for any allergic reactions. In case of irritation or discomfort, discontinue use and consult a healthcare professional.

Happy Herbals Smooth Herbal Bath Powder is a gentle and nurturing solution for children's skin care. Enriched with natural ingredients, it enhances skin beauty, promotes nourishment, and provides a soothing bathing experience for your little ones.

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