Happy Herbals Balant Kada No.1: Nourishing Support for Postnatal Wellness

Happy Herbals Balant Kada No.1: Nourishing Support for Postnatal Wellness

Description: Happy Herbals Balant Kada No.1 is a herbal tonic uniquely formulated to provide essential support during the postnatal period. Crafted with a blend of potent herbs, including Salaparni, Prsnipami, Brihati, Kantakari, and more, this tonic is tailored to alleviate weakness, promote lactation, enhance appetite, relieve constipation, and restore energy and strength for new mothers.


  1. Postnatal Support: Specifically designed for the first 10 days post-delivery, Balant Kada No.1 aids in the mother's recovery and well-being during this crucial period.

  2. Lactation Enhancement: The herbal composition encourages increased lactation, facilitating ample milk production for nursing mothers.

  3. Appetite Enhancement: Regular consumption of Balant Kada No.1 improves appetite, ensuring proper nutrition for postnatal recovery.

  4. Constipation Relief: This tonic effectively relieves constipation, a common discomfort experienced during the postnatal phase.

  5. Cough Relief: Balant Kada No.1 may provide relief from cough, addressing post-delivery respiratory concerns.

  6. Energy and Strength: Formulated to replenish vitality, the tonic supports new mothers in regaining energy and strength post-delivery.


Dosage: Take 2 to 4 teaspoonfuls of Balant Kada No.1 after meals. Mixing: Dilute the recommended quantity with an equal part of water. Administration: Consume as directed by a healthcare professional. Duration: Continue for the first 10 days post-delivery for optimal results.

Note: Consult a physician before starting any herbal tonic, particularly during the postnatal period. Adhere to dosage instructions and discontinue use if any discomfort arises.

Happy Herbals Balant Kada No.1 offers natural and nurturing support, addressing the unique needs of new mothers during the initial days after childbirth. With its thoughtfully selected herbal blend, this tonic promotes postnatal wellness, lactation, appetite, and overall vitality, aiding in a smoother transition to motherhood.

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